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Gluttony started in Sundsvall 2009, as a solo project by Anders Härén. In 2011 Anders teamed up with other My Own Grave members John Henriksson (drums) and Max Bergman (bass) to record the Coffinborn demo. Originally all vocals were executed by Anders but he wasn't pleased with them and therefore Johan Jansson (Interment, Regurgitate, ex-Demonical) was recruited. Anders vocals can still be heard on the cover of Rolling Stones Paint It Black.

Coffinborn was released digitally through Gravework Media in 2012 and 100 physical copies were also printed. The songs "Coffinborn" and "Eaten Alive" were released on a 7" EP in 2013 by Metal Fortress. The first song Anders wrote and Johan recorded vocals for, was called "Beyond The Veil Of Flesh". However Anders had planned to use that song as the title track for a full-length album and thus the song was not included on the Coffinborn demo.

In 2013 Gluttony signed a deal with Vic Records to release a full-length album. Besides the title track and three songs from Coffinborn, another old song called "Raise The Dead" was chosen for the debut album. Three songs written in 2012 were also included. "The Revenant" and "Post Mortem Decapitation" were actually tested live when Gluttony supported Naglfar at Club Deströyer in April 2013. Live vocals on these two songs was handled by Mikael Aronsson (Bloodline, My Own Grave). Gluttony also performed a cover of Dismember's classic "Bleed For Me".

While recording the debut album Gluttony decided to part ways with Johan Jansson. The reason was the geographical long distance problems since it became virtually impossible for Johan to travel to Sundsvall to rehearse and record. Gluttony quickly found a new singer in Magnus Ödling, also known as Hatpastorn who was the original singer of Diabolical and has been the handling the vocals in black metal legends Setherial for many years.

The drums for Beyond The Veil Of Flesh were recorded at Nevo Studios with engineer Daniel Mikaelsson of SYN:DROM. The rest of the instruments and vocals were recorded in Blastbeat Studios. Mix and master was carried out by legendary producer Dan Swanö (Edge Of Sanity, Bloodbath) and the cover artwork was created by Jeffrey Zornow. Beyond The Veil Of Flesh was released in April 2014 in Europe by Vic Records and digital release worldwide by Gravework Media.

Gluttony - Eaten Alive (EP, 2013)

Eaten Alive (EP, 2013)

7" vinyl release limited to 300 copies.
Released by Metal Fortress
Only available in vinyl

Gluttony - Coffinborn (demo, 2012)

Coffinborn (demo, 2012)

Physical release limited to 100 copies.
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