Old-school Swedish Death Metal

Gluttony crawled out of an unmarked grave in Sundsvall anno 2009. It consists of three members of now extinct My Own Grave and Hatpastorn (ex-Setherial, ex-Diabolical) who replaced Johan Jansson (Interment, Regurgitate, ex-Demonical) previous the release of their debut album Beyond The Veil of Flesh. In April 2018 Gluttony released Cult of the Unborn on Vic Records.


Split (CD 2016)

Split with Sordid Flesh Vic Records

Gluttony partakes with six songs on a split with Sordid Flesh

Coffinborn (Cassette, 2015)

Limited cassette release of the Coffinborn demo in 100 copies

Eaten Alive (7" vinyl, 2013)

Limited 7" release of the songs Eaten Alive and Coffinborn on Metal Fortress

Coffinborn (MCD 2012)

Debut demo, limited CD release of 300 copies




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